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    Arthur Marshall Real Estate

    Arthur Marshall Real Estate is a visionary real estate developer, business consultant, and entrepreneur from Sarasota, Florida, who has significantly contributed to the real estate industry for over two decades. He began his real estate career after retiring from the National Football League, where he played at a high level. Since then, he has established numerous highly successful businesses, including indiePlanet Global, which has offices in Wyoming, Miami, and Sarasota, Florida. The company supports clients' businesses in establishing attainable goals tailored toward accelerated growth. Marshall and the team at indiePlanet Global provide a range of services, including asset protection, business consulting, real estate development, and marketing. They specialize in real estate investing, finance, corporate credit, and business funding through their sister company, iPG Business Credit.


    Arthur takes pride in supporting various charities and good causes, including a crucial children's nonprofit and feeding people experiencing homelessness. He also actively participates in his local bible fellowship. When he isn't working or engaging in charitable efforts, he enjoys partaking in hobbies such as cinema, golf, travel, and live entertainment. As a seasoned real estate consultant and former NFL star, Arthur has led indiePlanet Global to heights. His innovative and visionary approach to real estate development and business consulting has helped numerous clients succeed. With his extensive experience and skills, he inspires and motivates others to reach their full potential in business and beyond.