• About Me

    Arthur Marshall Real Estate is a Sarasota, Florida-based visionary real estate developer, business consultant, and entrepreneur. Marshall is a well-known former professional athlete. He excelled in American football, including stints in the National Football League.


    Marshall has almost two decades of experience in business and real estate. After retiring from the NFL, he launched his real estate profession. The former professional athlete has founded several incredibly successful enterprises, notably indiePlanet Global.


    The former professional player passionately supports several charities and other worthwhile causes. Among these worthy charities are a vital children's charity and the feeding of people in need. He has also been a longtime supporter of his local bible fellowship. Aside from his profession and charity initiatives, he enjoys film, golf, travel, and live entertainment.


    Current Role and Duties

    indiePlanet Global's

    Marshall, a visionary entrepreneur and business strategist, was instrumental in establishing indiePlanet Global, which has offices in Wyoming, Miami, and Sarasota, Florida. In 2015, the athlete-turned-entrepreneur created indiePlanet Global. The company assists clients in setting attainable goals geared toward accelerated growth.


    Marshall and his colleagues at indiePlanet Global offer asset protection, business consultancy, real estate development, and marketing services. IndiePlanet Global, led by a seasoned real estate consultant and former NFL player, specializes in investing, finance, corporate credit, and business funding through iPG Business Credit.


    iPG Business Credit, a sister company of indiePlanet Global, assists business owners in gaining access to the critical assets and resources essential for success. iPG Business Credit, as a business formation and credit organization, enables its clients to develop credit profiles and access working cash. It also makes loans available through its broad investor network.


    In addition to owning and operating indiePlanet Global and its sibling company, iPG Business Credit, Marshall is a sought-after independent real estate adviser through his recently founded "Arthur Marshall Real Estate." Arthur is a company that teaches people how to navigate the waters of real estate entrepreneurship.


    Career Background

    Former NFL wide receiver Arthur is a real estate consultant. Marshall played with the Denver Broncos and the New York Giants. Among the highlights of his five-year professional sports career were a record-breaking 81-yard touchdown against the Dallas Cowboys and having the greatest NFL passer rating in NFL history.


    Marshall went into real estate development and construction after retiring from professional sports. He began his real estate and construction career in his native state of Georgia over 20 years ago, even though he is now based in Florida.


    Marshall builds everything from 1,000-square-foot patio houses to 10,000-square-foot palaces and everything in between. Apartments, multi-family duplexes, and townhomes are all examples. Marshall has also built homes in Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, and Tennessee. The real estate visionary has completed over a hundred projects in total.


    His other initiatives include various commercial building and land development endeavors, in addition to apartments, multi-family duplexes, and townhomes. Marshall continues to use his decades of real estate experience in his new home state of Florida.


    Educational background

    Hephzibah High School


    Marshall was a student at Hephzibah High School in rural Richmond County, Georgia, near his childhood home. Hephzibah High School is the most populous high school in Richmond County in terms of enrollment. Arthur was a four-sport high school athlete named Georgia's USA Today athlete of the year in his final year.


    After graduation, his high school football number was retired due to his outstanding performance on the field. He would subsequently play professional football in the NFL.


    Georgia State University


    Arthur Marshall received his bachelor's degree from the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia. It is one of the oldest public institutions in the United States, founded in 1785. He earned a business administration degree with a major in real estate from the University of Georgia in 1991.


    In the mid-1980s, while Marshall was studying, the University of Georgia was one of only a few educational institutions that offered real estate majors. The university is now the flagship school in the University System of Georgia.


    Marshall played collegiate football at the University of Georgia at a high level, just like in high school. Soon after graduating, he was signed by the Denver Broncos of the National Football League.


    Charitable Activities

    A former NFL wide receiver, Arthur enthusiastically supports a growing list of important charities, charitable organizations, and other worthwhile causes. His bible fellowship, ministry, and feeding the homeless are among the excellent things he supports. He has led numerous social camps for hundreds of boys and girls throughout the years. He has now been giving to his church ministry regularly for several years.


    In addition, he has been a longtime supporter of the aforementioned important children's charity. Furthermore, the innovative real estate developer, business strategist, and entrepreneur has provided down payment assistance programs to prospective homeowners and built affordable housing for dozens of families.


    At the same time, Marshall is dedicated to assisting prospective entrepreneurs and real estate professionals who want to follow in his footsteps. With that, he has spoken publicly and extensively to audiences interested in copying his success regarding purchasing, building, and selling homes.


    Awards and Achievements

    Arthur Marshall is a multi-award-winning former professional athlete. He is also a former American football world record holder. Among the several awards received by the University of Georgia graduate and former Denver Broncos and New York Giants player during his career are the following:


    NFL Rookie of the Year

    Today in America, the University of Georgia Football Hall of Fame is Georgia High School Athlete of the Year. Marshall once held the record for the longest pass completed by a non-quarterback in NFL history. He set the record after tossing an 81-yard touchdown pass against the Dallas Cowboys. Josh Miller of the Pittsburgh Steelers equaled his mark in 2003, over a decade later.


    Private Life

    Arthur J. Marshall Jr. was born in the Georgia town of Fort Gordon. He grew up between Fort Gordon and adjacent Augusta in the famous Peach State. Arthur excelled at sports as a young guy. After finding his footing as a high school football player, he became an NFL standout shortly after graduating from the University of Georgia.


    He currently resides in Sarasota, Florida, on the lovely Gulf Coast. Aside from his employment and humanitarian initiatives, he has a variety of hobbies and interests. These hobbies and interests include Cinema, golf, live entertainment, and spending time outside.


    Arthur Marshall became interested in golf after being invited to a charity golf tournament. Meanwhile, his passion for Cinema stems from viewing movies with his University of Georgia football teammates, a shared tradition, before every game. He is still very enthusiastic about cinematic storytelling.